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Description: The SteelSeries Spectrum AudioMixerWith The SteelSeries Spectrum AudioMixer you can connect any PC headset with 35mm jacks to the Xbox 360 and enjoy independent audio and voice volume controls The independent volume controls offer maximum control over what you hear The independent volume controls offer maximum power over what you hear You no longer have to waste time muting other players Full ControlSince the SteelSeries AudioMixer is attached to your Xbox 360 controller it is really easy to operate You have the same level of control over your controller as you&8217;ve always had our AudioMixer doesn&8217;t interfere with normal operations in any way We&8217;vemade it really easy to have even more control; now you have independent volume controls microphone controls and access to LiveMix all within your thumbs reach SteelSeries LiveMixThe secret sauce SteelSeries LiveMix offers you a quick-button option to improve the balance of Xbox LIVE chat and in-game audio so that voice communication is mixed and amplified over the sounds of gunfire and explosions SteelSeries LiveMix allows you to hear everything that matters in team-based games; you simply click one button to activate this feature We will balance the levels between Xbox LIVE chat and in-game audio on-the-fly as the game develops around you making it easier than ever before for you to hear your teammates No HeadacheBest of all LiveMix works without having to increase the volume of the headset and risk headaches or hearing damage What Does It Take? It&8217;s really easy to use our AudioMixer You needXbox 360 console rXbox 360 controller (official) And any PC headset with 35mm jacks... View full product description here >>>

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I like to buy goods from this brand . I have already bought several other products and am satisfied. I rate fast delivery well.

I like you from this brand I buy goods. I have already bought several other products and am satisfied.

I usually read reviews before buying SteelSeries Spectrum AudioMixer and often look at Youtube too. And this product suits me. I liked the brand of the product and I have nothing to reproach.

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